LEO ROSSI (The Female's Father)

first appeared in the famous "hot tub" scene in Halloween 2, before making a splash opposite Bonnie Bedelia and Beau Bridges in Jonathan Kaplan's Heart Like A Wheel. After supporting roles in Bob Rafelson's Black Widow and Tim Hunter's River's Edge, Leo was cast again by Jonathan Kaplan as the antagonist in The Accused, opposite Jodie Foster and Kelly McGillis, a role which still has people crossing the street to avoid him when they see his face.

When he met Mating Habits producer Larry Estes on the L.A. City Hall location of Bill Lustig's Hit List, the two found themselves on the same movie set many more times with Rossi in front of the camera--next as the hero in Relentless (and its three sequels) opposite Judd Nelson and Robert Loggia, then as the anti-hero dad in Fast Getaway opposite Corey Haim, then as the co-writer and co-star (with Dennis Farina and Fran Drescher) of We're Talkin' Serious Money, then Robert Downey's Too Much Sun opposite Eric Idle, Robert Downey, Jr., Andrea Martin, and Ralph Macchio.

On television, Rossi co-starred in one of the three competing network movies based on the Amy Fisher story, and last year he starred in Jonathan Kaplan's mini-series adaptation of In Cold Blood.